Joint venture

Joint venture

Conquest believes in cooperation. Within a cooperation the best features of each company are joint together. 

Joint venture
Conquest Offshore BV is a Dutch Joint Venture between Paul van Es Holding BV and Zwagerman Offshore Services BV for offshore heavy lift activities. Participating companies have a proven track record of success in the marine and offshore industry.

Together parties unite forces to form a strong partnership. Conquest Offshore provides a new developed heavy duty cranebarge, capitalizing on the demand for large offshore barges with heavy lift crane capabilities.

The barge is designed specifically for year round operation in harsh environments and in full compliance with UK, Dutch and Danish operating regulations.

Van Es Holding group
The Van Es Holding group of companies supplies, maintains and services heavy equipment anywhere in the world. The joint forces of four specialized companies enable them to perform fast, efficient and with a constant high quality at contracting jobs all around the globe, both on-land and offshore. A full service approach with a global network.

Zwagerman has 50 years of hands on experience in, and expert knowledge of land- and offshore cranes. A few cranebarges have been built in the past and several offshore cranes have been delivered world-wide.