Salvage of the Costa Concordia

Project description

25 March the CONQUEST MB 1 left the harbour of Flushing, the Netherlands and arrived on 13th April in Piombino, Italy. 21st April the CONQUEST MB 1 arrived at Giglio Ilsand in order to carry out operations related to the installation of the 19 sponsons to be completed before Costa Concordia refloating.

For this project the CONQUEST MB 1 is outfitted with an operational 6-point mooring system from ACE and accommodation modules suitable for 60 persons from Holland Accommodation Rentals. Furthermore a full air-range diving spread has been arranged on board and the diver teams involved in the installation of the sponsons will operate from the barge.

The CONQUEST MB 1 is a heavy lift crane barge fitted with a sophisticated fully rotating 1400 ton crane with Dynamic Load System mounted on a pedestal foundation with a self-supporting foot frame and associated automated heel/trim compensation system.

Client: Titan/Micoperi
Period: Spring/Summer 2014
Load: up to 850 ton