Offshore Wind

Conquest Offshore presents “game changing” floating installation for Offshore Wind.

On board Crane barge ''Conquest MB1'' the advanced system for Installation of Monopiles, Transition Pieces and Pre-piling is shown with state of the art animation videos.
Video for Floating Installation of Monopile and Transition Pieces
Video for Floating Installation of Prepiling of Jackets

Conquest Offshore - Offshore Wind

Conquests believes that with the right tool every job is possible, by taking the best of innovation and proven methods in preparing Conquest MB1 for floating installation. Therefore, with the engineering of Temporary Works Design (TWD) and Barge Master, Conquest Offshore (and deugro) present the efficient installation system for Monopiles (MP’s), Transition Pieces (TP’s) and Pre-piling of Jackets.

The 136 by 36 meter Conquest MB1 barge is the perfect tool to execute this kind of work. 3 Monopiles, and 3 Transition Pieces or up to 16 Transition Pieces, can be stored on deck by the effective skidding system. Upending can be done on deck or floating. The challenge is the floating installation of the MP’s. The specially designed motion compensated pile gripper (MCPG) is the key to the success. While hammering the pile, hydraulic cylinders activelycompensate the surge, sway and heave motions of the barge to ensure the verticality within limits. The gripper and the relative good workability of the Conquest MB1 barge with its anti-heeling system (8000 m3 per hour), creates a game changer in offshore wind industry.

Client: Deugro
Period: 2016-2022
Load: Up till 1000 ton